Website warrior

OMG, WTF, LOL ETC. I can't believe what a pain in the kiester making a website is, even with the fabulous WIX template made especially for Berklee students (and evidently, Berklee tech-challenged faculty and staff, though in general I am not considered a luddite). My brilliant friend Emily Marr made my old website in Dream Weaver---and when I say "old", honey, I mean OLD. Out of date, no scrolling, images from years ago. And since I can't edit it (because fuck learning dream weaver, sorry---I'd rather drink wine and read a novel), it has contact info from when I used to work at Ice House, an outfit I really don't want to promote, but am, because I can't take down the photos etc. So, ok---I get a Square Space account. Um, if you are thinking of trying Square Space, be sure you have a high tolerance for random limitations that really don't make any sense. Like on the cover page, you can't change where the text boxes are. You can do it on every other page, but not the cover page, nope! Why, Square Space? It's like some kind of weird legislation that women can't wear red on Sundays, made by Puritans back in 1710 or something. I guess they're trying to make it easy to get a good looking website by not allowing users to make it too ugly, but it also keeps us from having what we want. If I want ugly, dammit, I'm gonna get it.

Anyway, so, yeah. Now it's WIX, which is still pretty stupid but less so than SS.

The whole idea of a website---is it out of date? I notice lots of people have maybe just a one-pager with a photo, links to their socials and soundcloud page and that's it. Somebody posted on my Facebook page "I've never needed a website for my career" which is pretty funny, since she doesn't really have a career. Mean but true....But I do think it's sort of square to have one.....hence the term "square space" hyuck hyuck.

Well, fuck it, I have a website, dopey as it may be, and hopefully won't have to do much to it for another ten years. Maybe I'll die before I have to make another one, which honestly, would be a relief. As I said, I'd rather drink wine and read a novel.

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